What better way to welcome spring than a country escape? Start your thaw with an intimate weekend for the LGBT community, among friends, historic towns, and rolling vineyards. Hike, sip, cook, and eat your way through Amador County alongside our favorite chefs, artisans, and wine makers in their kitchens, vineyards, and barrel rooms. We're keeping the weekend close-knit with just 75 people so you get the chance to connect. If you've never enjoyed Amador, know you'll be well taken care of, well fed, and leaving with more friends than you came in with. 


OUr invitation to you

When I started working for a small winery here in Amador three years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So much of Amador feels like a step back in time. I probably made assumptions about what that meant about the population and culture. Then I met the people of Amador County. Colleagues turned into friends, acquaintances turned into confidants, and, without exception, my husband and I were welcomed with open arms.

If the locals weren’t enough to make this area a great place to live, then the myriad of things to experience put it over the top. Getting to taste fantastic wines with the people who made it while they tell their stories. Sharing amazing food with the farmers who grow it and the chefs who prepare it. And the scenery... grasslands that turn into rolling hills dotted with Manzanita and mighty Oaks, green and lush in the winter and spring, gold and majestic in the summer and fall.

This past May I got to marry my husband in the middle of a vineyard, surrounded by the people Amador. It helped me realize, "I want to share this wonderful place with more of my community." So I brought together friends and colleagues I both admire and trust to create the kind of weekend I would want to experience. Something more than a glimpse but rather an immersion into life with the locals. But most of all, I wanted people to come, have fun and, of course, drink lots of wine!


Looking forward to seeing you in March,

Jack Gorman (and Kyle Peppers)