How do you feel about active relaxation?
The best word to capture the weekend is 'immersion.' We wanted everyone to leave the weekend knowing Amador. And the best way to know anywhere is to know its people. Whether you choose hiking a vineyard with a world-renowned grape grower, getting dirty with a farmer, blending wine with a wine maker, or learning how to pair food and wine from an acclaimed restauranteur and sommelier, you will leave with new experiences and a personal connection with Amador.

Pop over here to learn more about our friends (and your hosts over the weekend).


7:00pm - Welcome Reception and tapas-style dinner (with wine, naturally).

8:30pm - Amazing Entertainment

10:30 - Cocktails in the Cellar (don't worry, it's a real thing)


10:30am to 1:30
(each morning option includes wine tasting and lunch -- we take our food seriously in the country)

Your Choices - Look here for full activity descriptions

  • How To: Food & Wine Pairing - Sold Out
  • Italian Turf Wars
  • Ommm on the Range
  • ABC - Anything but Chardonnay
  • Secrets of the Foothills - Sold Out


2:30pm to 4:30pm

Your Choices - Look here for full activity descriptions

  • How To: Food & Wine Pairing
  • Wine & Cheese Pairing - Sold Out
  • Vineyard Hike through Shake Ridge Ranch
  • Barberians Unite!
  • Really Old Vineyard Tour & Tasting - Sold Out


7:30pm to ??

Beer vs Wine Dinner - Amador Brewing vs. Everyone