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The first Come OUT event last year was an amazing display of our friends in Amador coming together to welcome our LGBT friends and community. We couldn't have hoped for a better display of Amador hospitality. 

In deciding to continue the event with the hopes of it becoming an annual celebration, we learned we needed to formalize Come OUT as an organization (turns out the government has opinions about this type of thing). The process has proven to be long and taxing. Unfortunately, between Jack's new job and general life demands, we were not able to complete the process in time to hold an event in March 2018. So we're sad to say Come OUT as weekend event is canceled this year. We hope to organize some smaller gatherings throughout the year with an eye towards holding another great weekend event in March 2019. 

A good number of friends and organizations have stepped forward to make sure everything we need will be in place for next year. Thank you for all your support for Come OUT. We've heard a lot of interest from friends of last year's attendees, which is one of the greatest compliments we can receive. So consider this us building anticipation for what will be a great return in 2019. 

Until then, watch this space for smaller gatherings over the next couple of months as a way for us to share all Amador has to offer. And drop us a line the next time you're up so we can raise a glass together.

See you soon,

Jack & Kyle


OUr Story continues...

If you visited the Come OUT site last year, you know we moved to Amador almost 3 years ago when Jack recovered from a career in lobbying by working for a small winery here in the foothills. You also might know we did so with a bit of trepidation for the country life; long drives just to get to the store, rattlesnake warnings, and sidewalks rolled up by 6pm on a Sunday initiated us into our life in the country. 

And while our story has included more than one rattlesnake on our back porch, it's also included some wonderful lessons; long drives mean a chance to enjoy the quiet, rolling countryside with some of the most beautiful views in the state; keeping an eye out for snakes means taking in the natural beauty and wildlife; and Sundays are best enjoyed with friends watching the sunset with a delicious glass of wine. 

Our story has also grown to include an amazing group of people. Last year was our first opportunity to share this wonderful place with our community at the inaugural Come OUT to Amador. We got to introduce new friends from all over the state to our local chefs, winemakers, cheesemongers, farmers, and history. It was more than we ever expected -- and took us about a week to recover from all the food and wine. The weekend also showed us we want to invite more of our community up to be part of Amador's story. 





How do you feel about active relaxation?
The best word to capture the weekend is 'immersion.' We would like everyone to leave the weekend knowing Amador. And the best way to know anywhere is to know its people. Whether you choose hiking a vineyard with a world-renowned grape grower, getting dirty with a farmer, tasting cheeses along with a cheesemonger, or learning how to pair food and wine from an acclaimed restauranteur and sommelier, you will leave with new experiences and a personal connection with Amador.

If you're curious about the types of activities and adventures from 2017, have a look here. 

To stay up to date, follow us on Facebook. You can see last year's schedule here.




As we've mentioned, this really is a close-knit weekend. With just 75 spaces, we are creating a weekend for everyone involved to really connect -- with each other, services, activities, and the people of Amador. 

With your Ticket to Come OUT to Amador, we promise:

  • You won't leave thirsty. 
    • We'll provide all the wine throughout the weekend 
  • You won't leave hungry.* 
    • Meals included in your ticket include Friday Evening reception, lunch Saturday, Saturday afternoon snack, tasting menu for Saturday dinner, and brunch on Sunday, all prepared by local chefs.
  • You won't leave bored.
    • Friday night entertainment
    • Saturday Morning & Afternoon Activities
    • Plenty of locals on hand to make sure you have fun
  • You can relax.
    • We'll provide all transportation between host hotels and all activities