Let Me Tell You About Our Friends Charlie & Michael

So let me tell you about my friends Charlie and Michael. They are the husband and wife team owners of BellaGrace Vineyards - one of the sponsors of Come OUT to Amador.

I work with Charlie and Michael a lot on ways to promote our little corner of the wine world here in Amador County and one thing that stood out to me the first time I met them was that when Charlie and Michael do something, they do it very well. From the gorgeous and welcoming environment of their historic Sutter Creek tasting room to the beautiful estate vineyard and wine cave (the only one like it in Amador), from the quality of their events to their award-winning wines (side note: Michael is one of only a handful of female winemakers in the region), everything is a reflection of their drive for excellence.


You might think this description makes them sound a little stuffy, but that could not be further from the truth. You only need to catch them at a local watering hole or see them on the "dance floor" at one of their summer concerts to realize that these people are as real and welcoming as it gets. I am not only thrilled they are enthusiastic supporters of Come OUT to Amador, but also that they are my friends.

You can catch Charlie and Michael in several places over the Come OUT to Amador weekend. Learn all about barrel aging and proper wine storage as part of the all-day Inside Amador Wine Making experience or at the ABC: Anything But Chardonnay experience focusing on Amador white wine varietals.

If you want to know more about Charlie, Michael, and the team at Bella Grace Vineyards (including the amazing Dewey Allan) visit their website at www.bellagracevineyards.com. 

Jack Gorman