Let Me Tell You About Our Friends Mark & Tracey

So let me tell you about my friends Mark and Tracey. The Berkners own and operate Taste Restaurant and Wine Bar (which you'll hear more about in the coming days) along with Rest, a boutique hotel, a few doors down from their restaurant. When they opened Rest about a year ago, we all knew it was going to be a special place because, well, it was Mark and Tracey.


My husband, Kyle Peppers, and I stayed at Rest on our wedding night because we knew we would be well taken care of and that, frankly, we'd love the bed! So much thought went into every detail at Rest, just like everything this amazing Amador couple does. It's hard to believe they pieced together two run down apartment buildings into a beautiful modern boutique hotel right in downtown Plymouth, California. And they put elephant shaped towels on your bed! I mean really!

Don't worry... if you stay at Rest (or any of the sponsor hotels) while participating in Come OUT to Amador, all of your transportation needs are going to be taken care of. Park your car on Friday and we'll get you everywhere you need/want to be until Sunday morning.

Make your reservation to stay at Rest - A boutique hotel in Plymouth for your Come OUT to Amador weekend by visiting www.hotelrest.net and use code "Out in Amador" for special rates when booking or call them at (209) 245-6315 and tell them you are coming OUT to Amador!

Jack Gorman