Let Me Tell You About Our Friend Ann

Let me tell you about my friends at Yorba Wines and Shake Ridge Ranch. With family heritage dating back to Spanish explorers in the 1700s, the Kraemer family has truly deep roots in California. And everything at Yorba Wines is, indeed, a family affair. Whether you are visiting their Sutter Creek tasting room or lucky enough to explore their Shake Ridge Vineyards, a sister, brother, niece, nephew or some other member of the Kraemer clan will be there to greet you.


When I think of Yorba I think of quality. Ann Kraemer manages Shake Ridge Vineyards – where the fruit for Yorba wines is grown – and everything she does is of the highest quality (which is why she was one of the first calls I made when I started to plan Come OUT to Amador). Ann is a renowned viticulturist, having worked with and consulted for some of the biggest names in California wine.

Well before the Shake Ridge vines were even planted she was thinking about the wines in the bottle. After noting the various soils and microclimates of this hilly ranch, small blocks were designated to the ideal variety, rootstock, and trellis. The vineyard was developed with wine quality as the only consideration from the onset. Whenever I am working in one of our tasting rooms and someone asks for a recommendation of where else to visit, Yorba Wines is always at the top of my list.

Despite this truly profound family lineage and almost rock star status in the wine world, everyone at Yorba is warm, welcoming and absolutely genuine. Whether an employee or family member, these are the kind of people you just love to be around.

We are proud to have Yorba Wines as a Premier Sponsor of Come OUT to Amador. You can hang out with Ann at either “Ommm on the Range” or the “Vineyard Hike” at Shake Ridge Ranch. She will also be on hand for various activities throughout the weekend. To learn more about Yorba Wines and Shake Ridge Ranch, visit yorbawines.com

If you still have not bought your tickets or made your hotel reservations, now's the time! 

Jack Gorman