Let Me Tell You About Our Friend Dick Cooper

Let me tell you about my friends, the Cooper Family of Cooper Wines.

Inevitably if you hear someone talking about Amador wine, the Italian varietal Barbera will come up as it is a leading wine grape here in Amador and quickly becoming for what we are best known. But you really can’t talk about Amador Barbera without talking about Dick Cooper and the Cooper Family. Dick is considered by many to be the “Godfather of Barbera” and he has certainly helped to put Amador Barbera on the map. His family’s history in Amador goes back five generations. They are icons in our quiet little county.


But you don’t just become a legendary family by being here; you must make an impact, and the Cooper family has not only had a tremendous impact on the wine industry here in Amador, but across the community as well. You can’t attend a community meeting, school function or wine-related event in Amador and not run into someone from the Cooper family. And no matter where you run into a Cooper, they are all always warm, welcoming and exuding a generous spirit.

The same will be true if you visit the family ranch to taste wines in their tasting room. Three generations work across the family’s grape growing and wine-making business. Whether working the soil in the vineyards, pouring wine in the tasting room or selling to distributors, restaurants and stores, it’s all about family, which you will feel part of when you visit.


You’ll have an opportunity to spend an afternoon with the Coopers as part of the “Barberians Unite” experience during Come OUT to Amador. They will not only pour you the fantastic Barbera they make from their vineyards, but you will also get to taste wine from other winemakers who bought fruit from the Coopers in the same year and compare how the winemaking process can be different from producer to producer.

To learn more about the Coopers, Barbera and winemaking in Amador County, visit their website at cooperwines.com.

We are now less than THREE WEEKS away from this fantastic weekend. There are still tickets available, but experiences are starting to fill up, so it’s a great time to purchase your ticket and spend a weekend with people like the Coopers and other great folks from Amador County! Visit comeouttoamador.com to purchase tickets.

Jack Gorman