Let Me Tell You About Our Friends Karen and Gingerlei

I am so excited to tell you about my dear friends, Gingerlei and Karen. They are the couple that own Cedar Creek Ranch & Vineyards here in the Sierra Foothills.

My husband, Kyle and I recently had the privilege of visiting the Cedar Creek Ranch and spending the afternoon (which then turned into evening) with these amazing women. One word keeps coming to mind as I think about our day together: passion. Their passion for life, caring for their stunning property, and, especially for the amazing wines they produce, is genuinely contagious.


Gingerlei and Karen are both transplants to the Foothills after successful careers in the Bay Area. Karen started visiting the area two decades ago in search of land for her horses (she’s a world champion rider, by the way). In 1999, the first wine grapes were planted on the ranch to Rhone & Italian varietals Viognier, Syrah, Petite Sirah & Sangiovese; with Cabernet Sauvignon planted in 2015. The wines they produce from these vines (Gingerlei calls them their “Girls”) are absolutely some of the best I’ve tasted. Rich and velvety, perfectly balanced and all wonderful representations of their varietal.


They don’t have a tasting room at Cedar Creek, so the only way to taste their wines is through scheduling a private tasting, at a few local restaurants, or join us at Come OUT to Amador!

You can meet Karen and Gingerlei during our group events at Come OUT to Amador. Their beautiful Viognier will be served with the first course of the Beer vs Wine dinner on Saturday night. As part of your ticket you will also be entered into a drawing to win a private tasting experience at their ranch. I do have one suggestion if you are tasting wine with these amazing women: don’t try to keep up. You will lose.

To learn more about Karen, Gingerlei and the Cedar Creek Ranch, visit cedarcreekranchwinery.com

Jack Gorman